Genetics and Molecular Medicine
Medicina Molecolare
Napoli Federico II
Course Coordinator & Office of Graduate Studies
Students' Office
Thematic Areas
Aim is to provide three-year research training in genetics and molecular medicine for post-graduate students. The program covers the following intensive Courses: i. Advanced level Genetics; ii. Bio-Statistic and Bioinformatic; iii. Advanced level Cell Biology; iv. Advanced level Molecular Biology, v. Chemistry of macromolecular interactions. Duration of each Intensive Course will be of two weeks at the first year of the PhD Program.
Training in European Laboratories under a joint research program is highly encouraged and in some cases proposed.
Selection & Admission
The admission procedures consist of: 1. Evaluation of academic titles. Candidates are invited to produce also two reference letters. 2. Written assignment (3h) of a research proposal on the molecular and/or cellular biology of a disease or of a relevant macromolecule related to some human disease. The written assignment includes a motivational essay of no more than 300 words. 3. an interview on the CV, education and/or research activity including an English test.
Students' Monitoring
The Program will provide a thorough and up-to-date education in basic and medical sciences, combined with active research in the laboratories of leader investigators, participating to the program. In the first year, the students will be supervised by the group leader of a research team, participating to the program and by an Advisory Committee of three senior scientists. A "mid-term evaluation" will bring together the Advisory Panel and the direct supervisor to discuss and verify the progress of the work (check point). The Advisory Committee will review and scrutinize the project and advise for the continuation.
Training & Education
Throughout their training program, students attend Institutional seminars and lectures, participate to group meetings and present journal and data clubs. Students will attend regular courses on selected scientific topics. Participation is acknowledged by a credit point system; successful completion will be certified. We expect the program will allow training of professionals able to conduct research independently, to identify relevant problems and to compete at an international level.
Doctoral Thesis
At the end of the program, students are required to submit a doctoral thesis containing data of their original research project. A draft of the thesis will be required 6 months before the end of the last year to be examined by the Board of teachers with the help of an external committee. Moreover, a seminar to all the scientists affiliated to the Institution is scheduled for each student in the last year of the PhD program.
3-4 fellowships/course are provided by the University following an evaluation of the previous course cycle.
! or 2 fellowship are granted by other institutions (Foundations, Charities, Private Enterprises). Some university spin-off laboratories are associates to some courses (cycles). Periods abroad (not longer than 1 year) are covered by additional funds from the University.
No accomodation is provided by the program. However, the secretary office will provide assistance to the students to find accomodations. Some accomodations for foreign students are available through the University.