Cell and Molecular Biology
Medicina Molecolare
Milano, Vita-Salute San Raffaele-San Raffaele Institute
Course Coordinator & Office of Graduate Studies
de Curtis
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Students' Office
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Thematic Areas
The PhD program in Cellular and Molecular Biology (CMB) takes place at the University Vita-Salute and Scientific Institute San Raffaele in Milan. The San Raffaele campus ( includes several research buildings and a hospital with various clinical departments where clinical research is performed. The CMB PhD program has the goal to form young undergraduate students for a career as independent scientists in several areas of basic molecular and cellular biology, by giving students the bases to understand and address original questions in complex biological problems. The students will follow training activities that cover diverse general scientific molecular and cell biology areas, and in-depth training in the scientific areas of specific interest.
Selection & Admission
The PhD program is open to both Italian and foreigners, with no limitation of age and citizenship. The applicant must hold an Italian Laurea or a foreign equivalent (Master in Life Sciences). More information is available on the CMB PhD Program website (
Students' Monitoring
The students are monitored by their Director of Studies. They are also followed by a group of senior staff scientists with whom they can discuss their academic and research progress. In addition, each student will meet once a year with an external supervisor chosen among European experts, who will monitor the advancement of the research project.
Training & Education
During the first year the students will attend coursework covering areas of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, immunology, genetics and statistics. The courses are organized in form of lectures, provided by experts in the field, and Journal clubs prepared by the students, with mentoring by tutors and senior scientists. During the program students will engage in their own research program in the laboratory of choice under the supervision of a Director of Studies.
Doctoral Thesis
Students are asked to complete their research work and doctoral program typically within three to four years. In general, at the end of this period the data generated by the candidate must be published or submitted in the form of at least one scientific paper as a first author in peer-reviewed journals. At this point, the PhD candidate will present a written dissertation, which will be evaluated and discussed with one Italian and one European expert, and will be presented during a public seminar.
Students entering the program will be granted a three-year fellowship provided either by the Ministry of Education and Research or directly by the participating scientist. Please check with the office of Graduate studies ( for details on the available fellowships.
Please check with the students office for the accommodation website ( for information on agreements and availability for rental apartments and rooms.