Cell Biology
Course Coordinator & Office of Graduate Studies
Students' Office
Thematic Areas
- Developmental Biology
- Cell Biology
- Molecular Biology
- Genetics
- Microbiology
Selection & Admission
After the call for application is published, the candidates send to the University office their CV with related documents and a research project. The selection procedure is normally based upon a written report on a topics of cell biology and an interview on the research project presented that must be defended, and a test of knowledge of the English language.
Students' Monitoring
Each student has his/her own tutor that supervise his/her work throughout the whole period of the PhD course. Each year two written reports are produced by the PhD students, consisting of the progress of their experimental work preceeded by a presentation of the topics with updated citations, and presented to another Professor who acts as a referee tutor. This report is also discussed and defended through a PowerPoint presentation in the presence of the whole Board of Professors and the other PhD students.
Training & Education
The Board of Professors of the PhD School organizes seminarial lessons on the advanced topics of cell biology. Moreover, seminars are held by researchers coming from National and International Universities and Research Centers
Doctoral Thesis
The Board of Professors of the PhD School has established that in the future at least one submitted paper in extenso will be required for admission of the PhD student to the final exam. The thesis discussion is a viva of a PowerPoint presentation describing the whole work of the three years in front of a commission made by one internal Professor and two external Members of another University, National or International. The thesis may be written in English, and an English abstract of each thesis is always presented.
So far, three bursaries are awarded for each PhD cycle (lasting three years). The University of Palermo is the granting body, but additional bursaries may be added. The amount of each bursary is about 48.000 euros for the cycle plus an additional amount corresponding to the 50% of the monthly fee to spend a maximum of 18 months abroad
So far, logistic and/or financial support for accomodation was not taken into account by the University of Palermo that is the granting body of the bursaries