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Thematic Areas
The International PhD Program in Biomolecular Sciences was activated in 2009 with the 25th cycle by the Centre for Integrative Biology (CIBIO) at the University of Trento.
The CIBIO, established in 2007, pursues the task of creating a suitable environment for merging classical cellular and molecular biology approaches with the new powerful tools of systems and synthetic biology, with the contribution of chemistry, physics, informatics, mathematics, and engineering in an integrative view of basic biological processes and of their derangement in disease.The main areas of interest rely on the presence of laboratories that carry-out research activities in different fields of biological sciences at CIBIO. There are also important teaching and research contributions from the departments of Physics, Mathematics, the Microsoft Research Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI) and Informatics and Communication Technology. The PhD School also benefits from interactions with regional foundations (e.g. FBK,FEM), which carry-out research activities and technological development.

The areas of interest include:

- Biochemistry
- Bioinformatics
- Computational Biology
- Developmental Biology
- Genetics
- Lipidomics and Biomembranes
- Metabolomics and metabolic Imaging
- Microbial Genomics
- Molecular and Cellular Biology
- Molecular Vaccinology
- Molecular Virology
- Nanobiotechnology
- Neurobiology
- Organic Chemistry
- Structural Biology
- Synthetic Biology
- Systems Biology

Selection & Admission
Admission to the PhD School is through selection with an evaluation based on:
- qualifications (curriculum vitae, the degree mark, University, experience abroad, motivation letters, reference letters and publications);
- interview in English.

The Selection Committee is composed of 3 members of the University of Trento and 2 external members.

Admission to the PhD Program is based on a ranking of the candidates assessed by the Commission, which reflects the overall merit of each applicant. Admission is granted to those at the top of the ranking list until all of the available positions are filled.

During the application process, each candidate chose one or two subjects among the research areas available at the School. For the fellowship positions without a specifically designated topic,after acceptance the student briefly rotates through each laboratory at CIBIO. Subsequently, the student is free to decide on which lab he/she would like to join to carry the PhD.
Students' Monitoring
At the beginning of each academic year, the doctorate student is assigned to a tutor and an advisor, if any, to supervise the course of his/her studies.

For the admission to the second and third year, the following requisites are essential:
- constant participation to the educational activities proposed by the PhD School; mandatory attendance of 80% of the total hours for each course and 15 seminars per year.
- to obtain a minimum of 14 credits per year, corresponding to:
60 educational hours = 1 credit/6 hours,
15 seminars per year = 2 credits
2 Journal clubs attended = 1 credit
2 Progress reports attended = 1 credit;
- to pass all the exams at the end of each course;
- to obtain a fulfilling evaluation that the teachers, the tutor and the advisor have to send to the PhD Committee within the end of the first year

Training & Education
Each PhD student attends an accurate training course that includes, besides the research performed, courses of basic knowledge and advanced courses.
During the first and second year doctoral students must attend:
- Courses for a total of 60 hours
- At least 15 seminars per year
- 2 journal clubs
- 2 progress reports
- Work in progress

During the third year doctoral, the students focus predominantly on their research. They only attend the following initiatives:
- At least 15 seminars per year
- 2 journal clubs
- 2 progress reports.
- Work in progress

The third year is devoted to the fulfillment of the thesis.

The PhD School encourages PhD candidates to participate in EU and International activities.
The PhD school:

- organizes courses that focus on current,
high impact journal articles;
- hosts seminar speakers from abroad;
- encourages students to participate in
International meetings and workshops;
- requires a mandatory research period

Doctoral Thesis
The thesis is an independent piece of scientific work by the doctoral candidate, in which the candidate presents the results of his/her own research in an appropriate form and within an appropriate compass. Scientific publications or manuscripts intended for publication may be included. In this case also, there must be a logical overall concept bearing on the topic.

The thesis should be written in English.

The thesis, or parts thereof, can consist of at least one or more collective work.

Student"s individual input must be clearly recognizable and the contributions must meet the criteria described above in respect of content and extent.

The candidate must define the scope of the collective work, the names of the contributors and the extent of their contribution to the project as a whole, and the importance of his/her own contributions to the collective work and submit a declaration to this effect by the contributors, insofar as they can be contacted.
25th Cycle: Totale number of Fellowships: 15.
Fellowships by University of Trento 2.

26th cycle:
Total number of Fellowships: 14.
Fellowships by University of Trento: 3

27th cycle:
Total number of Fellowships: 13
Fellowships by University of Trento: 3

Fellowships are assigned based on the ranking of applicants drawn up by the Selection Committee.

The gross amount of the fellowship is Euro 13,638.47 per year. Grants are normally paid bi-monthly and in advance.
Grants cannot be combined with other scholarships, except those awarded by national or foreign scientific institutes deemed appropriate for the research activities carried out by the doctoral student.
The fellowship will be increased by 50% for research periods spent abroad that are authorized by the Head of the School or by the PhD Committee.
Grants are awarded for the entire duration of the program following confirmation by the PhD Committee of the results achieved every year by the doctoral students.
Accommodation is guaranteed at student houses to all students enrolled in the first year of a Doctoral School at the University of Trento.
Besides, the University of Trento provides doctoral students with a monthly contribution of 100 Euro.
To be qualified for the contribution beneficiaries must have a regular rent contract and some prerequisites required by the Regulation of the University.
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