Biotechnologies For Human Health
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Thematic Areas
The PhD program in Biotechnology for Human Health (BtHH) is a research-based, interdisciplinary graduate program focused on the professional development of scientists in the area of medical biotechnology.
The primary goal of this program is to provide students with the competencies that enable the development of innovative products and services for the prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of human illnesses. The training program aims to produce personnel who will be qualified to meet major needs of biotechnology in academic, industrial or government services. To these goals, the BtHH program provides a state-of-the-art instrumentation and research infrastructures, supports the training of biomedical scientists skilled in applied biotechnology, and facilitates research initiatives with other institutions including biotechnology industries and state agencies.
The program lasts three years and is comprised of six major areas of research emphasis. These are:
- Autoimmunity and Immunodiagnostics
- Biomaterials
- Neurodegenerative disorders
- Gene therapy
- Signal transduction
- Stem cells
The program holds an international track of excellence in "Innovative Biomedical Technologies" together with the Center of Biomedical Engineering of the University of New Mexico and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Selection & Admission
It is expected that students have been trained in biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics or related fields. Applicants, of any nationality, shall hold a M.Sc. or an equivalent degree. Candidates who have not yet obtained their degree will be accepted if they will finish their studies latest by the day of interview.
Candidates submit the Application Form, together with all enclosures, by e-mail to Two letters of recommendation are requested.
The deadline for receipt of completed Application and Reference Forms is September, 15th.
All applications will be pre-screened by the Program Committee. The short-listed candidates will receive invitations for interviews at the end of October. Offers of admission will be made to the successful candidates at the end of the interview.
Admitted students will be assigned to a specific project taking into account their individual preferences and scientific interests.
Students' Monitoring
Students" educational and research progresses will be assessed yearly by the Program Faculty Members and an external supervisor not directly connected to any faculty member. Students report their ongoing work every two months in
open departmental meetings, and their annual report in a public seminar attended by faculty members and supervisors.
Training & Education
The Program offers residential courses and organizes seminars and lecture series on different topics encompassing basic and applied biomedical sciences. Students are encouraged and favored to invite experts for seminars and lectures, as well as to organize journal clubs and other educational activities. The program funds also specific educational activities and research stages at the participating or other institutions.
Doctoral Thesis
The PhD thesis will be evaluated by external referees in a process similar to the submission of a paper for publication. The final exam will consist of a public dissertation of the work carried out during the doctoral period that will be evaluated by at least three Committees external to the program faculty members.
Fellowships will be granted to students enrolled in the program. Studentships will be approx. euros 14.000 per year (gross amount) or more depending on supporting grants. Furthermore, all studentships will be increased 50% for research stages abroad in collaborating or other international institutions.
Limited short therm accomodations are available at University guest houses in Novara or Vercelli (10 min train trip).