Irene Mavelli
Irene Mavelli
affiliation: Università di Udine
research area(s): Chemical Biology
Course: Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences
University/Istitution: Università di Udine
Irene Mavelli was born in Margherita di Savoia (FG) (Italy) on 12.07.1950. After the degree in Pharmacy 110/110 cum laude at University of Rome "La Sapienza", her postgraduate training and academic career occurred at the Department of Biochemical Sciences "A. Rossi Fanelli" of the same University. She was visiting scientist at the Institute for Cancer Research, Sutton - London (1981), and at Physiologisch-chemisches Institut, Tubingen (1982).
Her research lines in this period were:
- Biochemical mechanisms of ROS cytotoxicity on tissues and cells displaying low anti-oxidant defence, e.g. myocardium and tumoral cells
- Characterization of antioxidative defence system of tissues upon different phases of pre- and post-natal development
- Biological role of the enzyme superoxide dismutase
- Pro-oxidant mechanisms in antracyclines antitumoral action/toxicity
After a short period at the University of Cagliari (1986), from 1987 she is Full Professor of Biochemistry at University of Udine (Italy), School of Medicine. Here, she is the head of a research group and responsible for the Cellular Biochemistry and Bioenergetics Laboratory of the Department of Medical and Biological Sciences. Here, she is also responsible for 1 among the 5 WORK-PACKAGES of the national (D.M. 13.01.2000) "Centre of Excellence for the study of the muscular plasticity in conditions of stress in man: from Microgravity to Aging, from Training to Immobility (M.A.T.I.)", and member of the Scientific Council.
- Professor Irene Mavelli was academic dean of the Degree Course in Physiotherapy of the School of Medicine of Udine University from 1994/95 to 2002/2003..
- She was Director of the Master in “Organization and Management in Rehabilitation", activated by Udine Medicine School in collaboration with the Trieste University and "Regional Agency for Health" of FVG Area.
- She was Director of the Medical Library of Udine University from September 1999 to September 2005 and later component of the Directive Committee of the same Library.
- She was member of the Directive Committee of the Interlibrary Centre of Udine University from 1999 to 2005.
- She was vice-dean of the School of Medicine of Udine University (2007/2010).
- She has been director of the Department of Medical and Biological Sciences (November 2010-March 2011)
- She is a component of the "Equal Opportunities Committee" of the University of Udine for the 2007/2011 academic period.
- She is academic dean of the Degree Course in Biotechnology of the University of Udine for the 2009/2012 academic period.
- Professor Irene Mavelli is an active member of the National Institute of Biostructures and Biosystems "I.N.B.B." in Udine Section.
- She was member of the MIUR Research Evaluation Committee. (CIVR);
- She was member of the Referees' Commission for CNR-Agenzia2000 program, and of MIUR Reviewers' Committee.
- She is ad hoc reviewer for Biochimica Biophysica Acta – Bioenergetics, European Journal of Applied Physiology, ARS, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, PLoS ONE.
CNR Contributions; CNR Target Projects: "Clinical Applications of the Oncologic Research (ACRO) (1992-1996), and “Biotechnologies” (1997-2003);
MURST 40% (1987-1997);
Friuli Venezia Giulia Area: LR 3/98 art. 16 (1998); and: LR 11 (2004);
MIUR "Programmi di Ricerca Scientifica di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale": Cofin 1998, Cofin 2000, PRIN 2002, PRIN 2004, PRIN 2007;
MIUR "Fondo per gli investimenti per la ricerca di base" FIRB 2007, "Rete nazionale per lo studio di proteoma umano", as responsible for a WORK-PACKAGE of the Research Unit of Udine (P.I. professor Gialuca Tell):
*Research lines in progress at the professor Mavelli lab:
- Mitochondrial proteomics focused on ATPsynthase regulation, assembly/oligomerization and post-transductional modifications upon cell differentiation and stress conditions: application to translational research;
- Mitochondria activity and biogenesis modulation upon in vitro cardiomyoblasts differentiation:
- Bioenergetics of tumors (human HCC lines and tumor biopsies) in relation of cell differentiation and tumor progression;
- Proteomic and cell imaging analyses of the ecto-cellular ATPsynthase expression and regulation in tumor and muscle cells;
- In vitro and in vivo interaction between calmodulin and ATP synthase inhibitory protein IF1, in relation to IF1 trafficking, ecto-cellular expression and functional role;
- Kinetic and computational analyses of natural and pharmacological inhibitors of mitochondrial and ecto-cellular ATPsynthase;
- Ex vivo respirometric analysis of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation on human skeletal muscle fibres (muscle biopsies), in relation of the muscular plasticity under opposite stress conditions, i.e. training/endurance (body builders) and immobility (bed rest and hypoxia conditions).
* Recent research lines:
- Oxidative damage to redox metal-binding proteins. Redox properties of Fe in the two 'additional' binding sites of purified F1 catalytic sector of mitochondrial ATPsynthase;
- Mitochondrial bioenergetics, antioxidative defence, iron homeostasis in cell lines upon differentiation and iron overload;
- Oxidative damage to mitochondria in tumor cell lines and myoblasts exposed to pro-oxidant conditions. Involvement of ATPsynthase inactivation in apoptosis;
- Role of ATPsynthase in cardioprotection.
Professor Irene Mavelli has published 66 peer reviewed articles indexed in PubMed. Total impact factor is 205, medium impact factor is 3.4
In 8 articles she is listed as first author and in 20 as corresponding or last author.

The five most recent publications excluding reviews are:
1. COMELLI, M, DOMENIS, R, BISETTO, E, CONTIN, M, MARCHINI, M, ORTOLANI, F, TOMASETIG, L, MAVELLI I., (2011). Cardiac differentiation promotes mitochondria development and ameliorates oxidative capacity in H9c2 cardiomyoblasts. MITOCHONDRION, vol. 11, p. 315-326. IF 4.1

2. PAGNOZZI D, BIROLO L, LEO G, CONTESSI S, LIPPE G, PUCCI P, MAVELLI I. (2010). Stoichiometry and topology of the complex of the endogenous ATP synthase inhibitor protein IF(1) with calmodulin. BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 49; p. 7542-7552, IF 3.2

3. COMELLI M, GENERO N, MAVELLI I. (2009). Caspase-independent apoptosis in Friend's erythroleukemia cells: role of mitochondrial ATP synthesis impairment in relocation of apoptosis-inducing factor and endonuclease G. JOURNAL OF BIOENERGETICS AND BIOMEMBRANES, vol. 41; p. 49-59, IF 4.0

4. BISETTO E, PICOTTI P, GIORGIO V, ALVERDI V, MAVELLI I., LIPPE G (2008). Functional and stoichiometric analysis of subunit e in bovine heart mitochondrial F0F1ATPsynthase. JOURNAL OF BIOENERGETICS AND BIOMEMBRANES, vol. 40 (4); p. 257-267, IF 4.0

5. COMELLI M, METELLI G, MAVELLI I. (2007). Down-modulation of mitochondrial F0F1ATPsynthase by diazoxide in cardiac myoblasts: a dual effect of the drug. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY.-Heart Circul. Physiol, vol. 292; p. H820-H829, IF 3.7
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