Andrea Battistoni
Andrea Battistoni
affiliation: Università di Roma Tor Vergata
research area(s): Chemical Biology, Immunity And Infection
Course: Cell and Molecular Biology
University/Istitution: Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Education and Training
1984−1986: undergraduate student -CNR Center for the Study of Nucleic Acids, University of Rome La Sapienza

1986: Biology degree: 110/110 cum laude. The thesis work was carried out under the supervision of Dr. Luisa Leoni.
Thesis title: kinetic persistence of cruciform structures and preferential positioning of nucleosomes in some regions of plasmids pBR322 and ColE1

1991: PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology. The PhD work was carried out in the laboratories of the Department of Biology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, under the supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Rotilio.
Thesis: Analysis of factors influencing the expression of Xenopus laevis Cu,Zn superoxide dismutases in Escherichia coli.

1991−1992: IRBM (Istituto di Ricerche in Biologia Molecolare − Pomezia −Roma) Fellow − Studies on yeast proteins.

Employment and Research Experience
1993−2001: University researcher in the Biochemistry group at the Department of Biology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

2001−present: Associate professor of Biochemistry at the Department of Biology of the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Scientific sector BIO/10-Biochemistry).

At present he teaches in the degree course of Biotechnology where he hold the following courses: General and Industrial Biochemistry, Biochemistry Methods in Biochemistry; Protein Engineering for Industrial Purposes.

1)investigation of the structural properties, of the mechanism of action and of the biological function of superoxide dismutases, with special interest for the structural properties and role in pathogenesis of the bacterial Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase;
2) Analysis of the role of transition metals and metalloproteins in bacterial virulence.
3) Metal and antioxidants in Cystic Fibrosis pathogenesis.

a) characterization of the first monomeric Cu,ZnSOD and demonstration that the dimeric structure affects both stability and activity of Cu,ZnSODs,
b) exploration of the structural and functional variability of bacterial Cu,ZnSODs;
c) Engineering of hyper−efficient Cu,ZnSODs;
d) demonstration that periplasmic Cu,ZnSOD modulates bacterial survival in phagocytes as well as in epithelial cells;
e) Identification of the ZnuABC transporter as a virulence factor in Gram-negative bacteria and demonstration of the role of zinc in the host-Salmonella interaction

Andrea Battistoni’s researches have received support from CNR, MURST, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis Research (FFC). He is co−author of nearly 90 papers published in international Journals indexed by Pub-Med and has been invited as a speaker in several international congresses of the Biochemistry and Microbiology areas.
Since many years our group is involved in researches on metalloproteins and redox processes, with special focus on the relationships between metals, reactive oxygen species and bacterial virulence.
In particular, we are now focusing on the characterization of the mechanisms of zinc and manganese uptake in enteric bacteria and their relevance to the host-pathogen interaction.
Moreover, we are interested in understanding the relationships between the alterations in glutathione (GSH) homeostasis in Cystic Fibrosis patients and the pulmonary infections typical of this disease.
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Patents: Ammendola S., Battistoni A., Pasquali. P. Salmonella enterica strains with reduced pathogenicity, method for their preparation and uses therof. PCT/IT2007/000410
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