Ines Mancini
Ines Mancini
affiliation: Università di Trento
research area(s): Chemical Biology
Course: Biomolecular Sciences
University/Istitution: Università di Trento
Actual Position: Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry (SSD CHIM06), University of Trento

Education and carrier
Master degree in Chemistry, University of Bologna , advisor: prof. A. Umani-Ronchi, 1983; grant from Provincia Autonoma di Trento for research activity in Organic chemistry , 1983-1986; researcher in Organic Chemistry, university of Trento, 1987-2006.

Head of the laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry, Dept Physics( from 2009), vice-coordinator of the international school of Biomolecular Sciences (from 2009), university delegate on workers’ safety, referential person of the Faculty of Sciences with secondary schools on life sciences.

Professional Membership:
Italian Chemical Society, Consorzio nazionale Interuniversitari per le scienze del mare (CONISMA), Consorzio nazionale interuniversitario per le scienze fisiche della materia (CNISM).

Teaching Activity:
University of Trento: Organic Chemistry (course in Biotechnology, 2009-2011 and previously for degree in Physics ), Special Methods in Bioorganic Chemistry (course in Biotechnology, 2010); Chemistry for Bioinformatics ( Master degree in Informatics, 2006-2011), General chemistry with laboratory (course in Physics, until 2008), Laboratory Safety (PhD course in Biomolecular Sciences), 201-2011; University of Verona: Medicinal and pharmaceutical technology ( 2009-2011).

In the field of structural and synthetic bioorganic chemistry and based on more than 25-year expertise in the isolation and structural elucidation, associated to chemical modifications and chiral total synthesis of natural compounds from marine organisms with potential bioactivity. Recent additional topics are related to antitumoral and antiviral drug design , studies of supramolecular systems of bioactive molecules included into cyclodextrins, application of mass spectrometry to the analysis and reactivity investigation of bioactive molecules, structural characterization of products from catalytic pyrolysis of biomass and cellulose and their application as chiral building blocks in peptidomimetics and synthesis of bioactive molecules.
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