Ginevra Biino
Ginevra Biino
affiliation: Istituto di Genetica Molecolare-CNR, Pavia
research area(s): Genetics And Genomics
Course: Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology
University/Istitution: Università di Pavia
1997: Bachelor of Science in Economics, University of Pavia
2001: Postgraduate Specialization School in Biostatistics, University of Pavia
2004: Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics, University of Milan
Work experience
1997-2001: Research scolarships at the Department of Applied Health Sciences, University of Pavia
2001-2010: Researcher at Institute of Population Genetics, CNR of Sassari; c/o Shardna Life Sciences, s.p.a, Cagliari until 2009.
2011: Researcher at Institute of Molecular Genetics, CNR of Pavia
The main research activity is performed within Ogliastra Project, a large population-based epidemiologic survey on complex diseases carried out on about 12,000 subjects living in the Ogliastra region, Sardinia. The research, carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Population Genetics, CNR of Sassari and Shardna Life Sciences ( aims at identifying genetic and environmental factors predisposing to multifactorial common diseases. The originality of this approach is based on the study of genetic isolates, i.e. populations characterized by a limited number of founders, a low demographical growth, high endogamy, a scarce immigration rate and a high genetic and environmental homogeneity. Such populations represent an ideal model from a genetic, demographic and environmental point of view, to identify the genetic causes of multifactorial diseases and associated risk factors.
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