Lorenzo Lunelli
Lorenzo Lunelli
affiliation: Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), Trento
research area(s): Computational Biology
Course: Biomolecular Sciences
University/Istitution: Università di Trento
Current position
L. Lunelli is a researcher at the Biofunctional Surfaces and Interfaces (BioSInt) Unit, a division of the Center for Materials and Microsystems, Fondazione Bruno Kessler. His scientific interests are focused on the development of biofunctional surfaces for the realization of Lab-on-a-chip systems for genetic analysis and biomarkers detection, on the development of optical biosensors based on label-free and fluorescence methods and on the study of nanostructured materials. He is also interested in the application of scanning probe microscopies to the study of the structure and function of biological complexes

Education and Training
Degree in Physics (Laurea), University of Milano, 1989 (110/110 Magna cum laude)
PhD in Physics, University of Milano, 1993, title: Laser Scattering from Hemoglobin Solutions: Study of Electrostatic Interactions in Tetramer-Dimer Equilibrium

Positions held
2009-present - Expert Researcher at FBK-CMM, Research Unit: Biofunctional Surfaces and Interfaces
2007-2009 - Expert Researcher at FBK-Irst, Research Unit: Materials and Methods for Biomaterials and Biolelectronics
2004-2007 - Researcher at Institute for the Scientific and Technological Research (ITC-Irst), Division of Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces
2001-2004 - Researcher at ITC-Irst, Division of Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces
1999-2001 - Research fellow, Biophysics, University of Trento
1996-1999 - Technician, Center for Materials and Biophysical Medicine (ITC-CMBM)
1995-1995 - Research fellow, Biomedical Technologies, University of Milano
1993-1994 - INFM research fellow, Biophysics, University of Milano
1989-1992 – PhD student, University of Milano

Application of atomic force microscopy to biosurfaces and biomolecules, biofunctional materials, surface functionalization, fluorescence, molecular biomedicine
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