Ida Albanese
Ida Albanese
affiliation: Università di Palermo
research area(s): Cancer Biology, Developmental Biology
Course: Cell Biology
University/Istitution: Università di Palermo
1972: Laurea degree in Biological Science – University of Palermo(Italy).
1978: PhD in Biological Sciences – Princeton University (N. J.,USA).

Postgraduate career
1973:recipient of a fellowship from the MIUR, at the Institute of
Comparative Anatomy, University of Palermo (Italy).
1974-1980:“contrattista” at the Institute of Comparative Anatomy, University
of Palermo (Italy).
1980–1987: researcher at the Institute of Comparative Anatomy, then
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology, Faculty of
Sciences, University of Palermo (Italy).
from 1987: associate professor of Developmental Biology, at
the Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology, now DIPARTIMENTO DI SCIENZE E TECNOLOGIE MOLECOLARI E BIOMOLECOLARI, Faculty of Sciences, University of Palermo (Italy).

Teaching activity
Since 1987, I have been teaching Developmental Biology courses to students enrolled in the Biological Science University program and, more recently, to Biotechnology students. I am also teaching, or have taught, courses on Cellular Biotechnologies, Stem Cell Biology, Development of the Immune System, Tissues and Organs Formation, Plant Development.
Since 1986, I am teaching also in the Ph.D. program on Cellular and Developmental Biology.

Initially, my research was mainly focused on the genome organization of germinal and embryonic cells, in terms of variant histone protein composition of their chromatin, and nucleosome distribution on regulatory and coding regions of active and repressed histone genes, using sea urchin as a model system. Later, I began to get interested also on the effects of mutations in oncogenes (c-myc, c-ki-ras2) and oncosuppressors (p53) in tumor progression, in particular in human sporadic colorectal carcinomas, and, more recently, on the differential effects of specific mutations of various ras isoforms on gene expression in tumoral human cell lines.
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