Antonino Maiorana
Antonino Maiorana
affiliation: Università di Modena-Reggio Emilia
research area(s): Molecular Biology, Genetics And Genomics
Course: Molecular and Regenerative Medicine
University/Istitution: Università di Modena-Reggio Emilia
- Birth date: October 22nd, 1951,
- 1975: Doctoral degree in Medicine, summa cum laude.
- 1976-1979: Visiting fellow at the Laboratory of Pathophysiology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A.
- 1981-1998: Hospital Assistant, then Consultant, at the Service of Anatomic Pathology, Policlinico of Modena. Periods abroad: 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993: at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C., and Laboratory of Pathology, N.I.H., Bethesda, Md, U.S.A. (one month per year).
- November 1982: Specialist in Oncology.
- November 1986: Specialist in Pathologic Anatomy.
- November 1998: Associate Professor of Anatomic Pathology at the Department of Diagnostic Services, Section of Anatomic Pathology, of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
- November 2005: Full Professor of Anatomic Pathology at the same University.
The scientific activity has been addressed to the fields of histopathologic diagnoses and oncologic cytopathology with special interest in the study of neoplastic cells. Studies were carried-out in soft tissue tumors, benign and malignant lymphoproliferations, viral infections, and breast, bladder and lung tumours. The work has mainly been focused on the application of different technologies to various pathologic states. The following techniques have been implemented: a) immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence; b) in-situ hybridization and fluorescent in-situ hybridization (F.I.S.H.); c) PCR and gene sequencing techniques aimed at the identification of viral DNA sequences (EBV, HHV6; HHV8), gene mutations and microsatellite alterations; d) laser capture cell microdissection.

- Scientific coordinator of a Research Unit, co-financed by M.I.U.R. in the year 2000, entitled: “Markers of osteotropic metastasizing phenotype in primary breast cancer” (prot. MM06095812_05). This Unit was part of a wider Research Program entitled: Identification and Validation of new markers of metastasizing phenotype of breast cancer (National coordinator: prof. I. Nenci). Funds received in the years 2001-2002.
- Scientific coordinator of a Reserch Unit, co-financed by M.I.U.R. in the year 2004, entitled: “Expression and gene mutation analysis of protein kinases in smoking-related neuroendocrine proliferations of the lung” (prot. 2004061839_005). This Unit was part of a wider Research Program entitled: Tobacco smoke, inflammation and lung cancer: molecular, biological, clinical and anatomopathological aspects (National coordinator: prof. L. Fabbri). Funds received in the years 2005-2006.
- Scientific coordinator of a Research Unit in the Project “Post-genomic approaches for the identification of high-risk cancers: evaluation and optimization of cost/benefits for the National Health System”, (Principal Investigator: prof. Croce), financed by the Ministry of Health in the year 2007. Funds received in the years 2008-2009-2010.
- Scientific coordinator of the Research Unit of Pathologic Anatomy in the Research Project “Primary therapy with Lapatinib, a dual EGFR inhibitor, in operable breast cancer. Clinical studies with biomarker evaluation”. The project is being conducted in Italy and some other European countries countries (Glaxo-Smith-Kline and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia).
- Scientific coordinator of a Research Unit in the “Programma di Ricerca Regione-Universita’ 2007-2009, area 1° - Innovative Research” (Emilia-Romagna Region). Project title: “Identification and clinical validation of predictive and prognostic factors with special focus on molecularly targeted agents”. The Research Units is studying cases of: HER2+ve breast cancers, metastatic colo-rectal carcinomas and metastatic renal cell carcinomas.
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