Research training
The most relevant research training offered to students consists of the experimental thesis project to be developed under the direct supervision of one of the participating scientists. Details about the projects offered on a given academic year can be found in the section listing the supervisors participating in NEIDOS. Most programs participating in NEIDOS also offer residential courses dealing with broad topics in the thematic areas of the program. In addition, coursework includes the refinement of such general skills as are required of all scientists, namely: critical evaluation and presentation of current scientific literature, the reading and writing of technical material, problem solving, experimental design, and ethics. NEIDOS aims to offer an added value to the training of the students by providing timely information concerning Courses/Workshops organized by the participating Programs for which funding support for travel and lodging of the attending students is foreseen.

Final dissertation
All Institutions participating in NEIDOS strongly believe that the culmination of a graduate Program is the submission of a written doctoral thesis, which is evaluated by several expert readers and then presented in a public lecture based on a formal request by the Board of Teachers. As agreed by the participating programs, thesis Commissions include up to three members of the Board of Teachers (representative of partner Universities in case of co-tutoring agreements) as well as one or more external thesis advisers. A high quality publication of the experimental work carried out during the Program, or at least submission of a manuscript concerning such work is typically required prior to the discussion of the doctoral thesis. The PhD dissertation should allow the examiners to determine whether the candidate has met the above requirements. It should not be a record of all of the student's work in the department. The thesis defense will be open to the public and will be followed by a viva with the members of the Thesis Committee, following which the Committee will draft a report with recommendation for graduation or for any amendments required in the dissertation prior to graduation. Such report will be submitted to the Program Coordinator.